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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  January 20, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> it should be cooler today. we will be mostly in the 40's today. you'll notice a change when you step out in the morning. mid 30's right now. we are getting reports of a light shower in certain areas such as anne arundel county and the suburbs. northern suburbs probably not. we come back and will discuss the scenario for the end of the week. let us see how things are rolling on the road today. >> it is better than it was the yesterday evening. we had a water main break on the outer loop west side at wilkins ave. that repair has been made. and i saw right there.
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at a costly avenue, another water main break to report. the drive * look good. one vehicle is loves their on wilkins added. it is off to the side. everything looking good on this portion of the west side at liberty road. we will keep you posted on any new problems. back to you. >> as you were sleeping, doctors on board the u.s. n.s. comfort received their first patients from haiti. >> our reporter is on board of the floating hospital. it is expected to arrive off the coast of haiti today. >> they are working into the evening.
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the first couple of patients are on the ship arriving around 10:30 tuesday night. a 20 year-old man and a six year-old boy with critical injuries. the medical staff is trying to save their lives. the first to arrive is the 20 year-old man. right behind him is the six year-old boy. they are the first patients to a ride on the u.s. n.s. comfort. the crew is ready. both are in critical condition flown here from another ship after their conditions worsened. a head and skull fracture after being hit from debris for the adults. and a public fracture for the six year-old. an interpreter is talking to the little boy letting him know he was in good hands.
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in his demotion took over for this sgt. >> i have a nine year-old at home. today -- >> there able to stabilize them in 20 minutes. >> it was very calm. and easy flow of communication. >> good news concerning the boy who was in good spirits and able to provide doctors with information to reach his family. >> he is a very lucky little boy. we are lucky to have him on the ship. >> this is just the beginning as more patients are expected to arrive within hours. the mission has begun. wbal-tv. >> additional medical aid is headed to haiti in the form of long-term relief.
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some doctors and nurses are preparing for a second wave of deaths that could be possible. >> the concern is that more people will die if enough antibiotics and supplies to not reached the area. many are in need of medical aid. some in toward amputations in crash injuries. these are people who could die from infection if not treated. the head of the shock trauma team is trying to provide long- term medical aid in haiti. >> they are in need of orthopedic implants, rods, screws, the things used to fix broken bones. the doctors are there and the patient and thare there.
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>> the team must work a week at a time and rotate out over an eight month period. >back to you. >> thanks. you can watch live coverage on our website and you photos. you can learn how to donate. go to our web site >> risky business is how some state legislators are describing the budget proposal for fiscal year 2011. tense state worker furlough days, 44 state workers would be laid off, and 200 vacant positions would be cut. it assumes the state will make money from slots. it is banking on money from a second stimulus package. gov. a mallee hopes job creation will help the state house back
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from the recession. you can find out more on our website. many are looking ahead to the prospects of the november elections. despite the economic crisis, gov. martin o'malley would still come out on top against a competitor. the governor enjoys a nine point lead over his predecessor. 46% say they believe gov. martin o'malley is doing a good job running the state. the most important issue was the economy according to those that were polled. this is the second consecutive year that the economy was the number one issue. >> and a gop victory in
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massachusetts is creating major setbacks. a republican scott brown won the senate seat for former ted kennedy. this brings a huge hurdle for the health care reform of the president. it is one of the many problems he faces as he looks at his second year in office. >> sometimes i am frustrated when people do not see that even if we do not get everything, we are getting something. >> he has spent months -- much of his first year on the defensive. he is tied with ronald reagan at the same time in his presidency. that brings us to our watercooler qstion of the day. how would you rate the first year of the obama presidency? email us your response to >> how much time does your time -- your child spend using electronics? we have the result from a new
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study. >> and evacuation's in virginia. >> here is a live look at traffic. volume starting to build a slightly. more on weather and wow, that's a low price! wow, that's a low price! wow, that's a low price!
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>> welcome back. take a look at hd doppler a pot hd doppler where we are picking up rain showers. take a look at the forecast. a slight chance for a shower this morning. it should be cooler with a high near 44. we will take a look at the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> covering the nation this
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morning, a man has continues for a suspect that shot eight people in a virginia suburb. he opened fire at a home estivate killing seven people there. in a the victim was found the side of the road and later died at the hospital. a helicopter had to make an emergency landing. they continue to search the woods. he is armed and dangerous. >> evaluations are under way in southern california as the area prepares for its third storm. residents in the honda -- tujunga neighborhood are evacuating. this is video from yesterday. the rain is flooding many streets. they are trying to build up barriers.
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>> we do not know if they will
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do an inspection after the morning rush, but for now, everything is open. that looks like a good situation on the west side. our speed sensors look good. a water main break in york road. watch for possible lay -- lane closures there. 12 minutes on the west side outer loop. here is a live view at wilkins ave. we are in great shape as far as the flow of things. nothing happening as far as repair work. everything has wrapped up again. we are north of the beltway down towards the belt way. j.f.x. in great shape.
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that is the latest. let's check the buses in the trains. >> a few bus diversions now. the 16 and 64 are diverting along with the one in 64. light rail is on schedule from hunt bellinger. metro subway on time in both directions. the bart trains are looking good. no delays as of now. now back to tony pann. >> thanks. we are picking up some light rain showers early this morning. near the airport and around annapolis you may see some light showers and sprinkles. the temperatures are mostly above freezing. engine the northern suburbs.
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the intel, it is 38 degrees and 34 at the airport. if by chance for rain shower early this morning. a mixture of and above and sunshine as we head through the rest of the day. it will be much cooler. it is closer to average for this time of year. of the cloudy skies tonight. it should stay in the low 30's in most spots away from the city. a storm system is coming out of the seven planes which is a strong one. it will go from the mississippi valley to south of baltimore. we will see all kinds of precipitation as it comes through. it will not be a pure snow or
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rain. we will see all kinds of a wintry mix of precipitation. dry in the morning on thursday, but in the evening a mixture of light rain, sleet, and snow. we do not know what kind of precipitation we will see at your house. the rose should be ok in the evening commute on thursday. a mixture of rain, sleet, and snow. some snow on friday. maybe minor accumulation in the northwest suburbs. mostly a rain event for most of you watching. late thursday into friday with temperatures in the 30's. on saturday it clears up. a high of 43 at the beginning of the weekend. rainshowers late sunday into monday with temperatures in the 40's. it gets chilly on tuesday with a high of 35 degrees.
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personalize a box for delivery. >> wall street is preparing for a huge wave of quarterly reports from some of the top banks. we have a look at the business news in a bloomberg business report. >> bank stocks are in focus here. bank of america, wells fargo, jp morgan, and another banker scheduled to release their reports. citigroup says the consumer credit and mortgage market is still a challenge. keep an eye on ibm today. sales dropped in the fourth quarter. they got hit hard as a business customers tightened spending. futures looking lower for the start of things. we had a rally yesterday. gains led by healthcare and
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technology companies. employers are getting hit with higher payroll taxes. 36 states have increased the annual tax businesses play to finance unemployment benefits. it has climbed 159% in maryland. taxes are making up for a drop in employment. and may put more people out of work. that is business at the new york stock exchange. back to you. >> thanks. a new study out today shows children are spending more time consuming entertainment media these days. they are consuming seven hours and 38 minutes per day of entertainment media. it is more than 53 hours a week. many news more than one type of media at a time.
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kids are singing 10 hours during a day. researchers hope this study will help parents understand how the media blitz is affecting our children. in the education alert, students are trying to cash in on financial aid from the government. state officials say you cannot get the aid unless you fill out a form. you can do it online. the deadline is march 1. >> 35 degrees on tv hill. >> the scoreboard gets the
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workout in the maryland men's basketball game last night. we will show you what that looks like when we come back. >> do not forget to e-mail us your answer to the water cooler question of the day. how would you rate the first year of the obama presidency? email us your response to
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>> they were up 106-55. jordan williams will get the this fall.
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he had 13 points last night. sean mosley lead maryland. a head fake. this person cannot find a reason to smile. the follow-up goes down. maryland walks away with it. the schedule reserves saturday against nc state. i am gerry sandusky. hope your day is off to a fantastic start. >> michael or is joining airways campaign. >> i am very excited to work
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with them. and a teammate is a part of it. he introduced me to it. i am very excited to have an opportunity to work with them and be a part of it. >> they will offer some jumbos seats. air trances this as a big deal for them. -- eritreaair tran says this isg deal for them. >> shock trauma doctors are preparing for a long time treatment for patients in haiti. details are next. >> a few sprinkles out there this morning. a bigger storm coming in at the end of the week. >> dealing with a water main break. we will update you on conditions
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